Water Tested
Water-absorption tests perforned to ASTM Standards proved that no water was absorbed, assuring freedom from scum accumulation and bacteria penetration.
Scrub Tested
Vigorous scrubbing with harsh detergents, simulating many years of normal use, showed absolutely no sign of damage, deterioration or discoloration.
Load Tested
The ability to sustain concentrated stress loads of up to 300 pounds assures durability and long life under extreme conditions.
Age Tested
Exposure to accelerated aging tests, producing extreme environments of heat and humidity, showed no evidence of chalking or blistering.
Impact Tested
The tough gel-coated surface was able to withstand the destructive striking force of a 1/2 pound steel ball without even a crack or a chip, assuring against damage from most falling objects.
Stain Tested
No permanent damage resulted after subjecting the surface to several stain-producing agents including tea, ink, beet juice, coffee and alcohol.  All stains were easily removed.
Why cultured marble or onyx fixtures?
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Cultured Marble & Onyx
What is cultured marble & onyx?

Cultured marble and onyx are a cast polymer.  Cast polymers are a mixture of an unsaturated polyester resin, highly filled with inorganic particulates and pigments.  Cultured marble uses engineered calcium for it's filler and Onyx uses aluminum tri-hydrate.
How is cultured marble made?

Cultured marble is a precise blend of polyester resin, catalyst, fillers and pigments.  The material is thoroughly mixed and placed into open molds coated with a clear gelcoat.  The colors and veinings of the finished product depend on the specific formulation and the techniques used.
The catalyst used will cause a chemical reaction and make the resin polymerize and harden, bonding the matrix together in a hard strong mass.   After some hours of chemical curing, the products are demolded, trimmed, ground, polished and finally inspected before they are ready for installation.
Why cultured marble or onyx fixtures?
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